We have dreams, goals and plans when it comes to achieving financial wealth and a great life. But what about love life and relationships, how do you get what you want? How do you attract that one person into your life?

Join Lara in today’s episode as she enumerates the 5 principles you should know when it comes to getting the things that you want in life.

In this episode we talk about:

    • Asking better questions
    • Adjust and carry on
    • Your willingness to ask for support
    • Not giving up and doing whatever it takes!
    • Practice NATO

So there you have it the 5 principles for staying the course in the manifestation of your soulmate or any goal that you’ve set in your life. As something to reflect and ponder on, Lara leaves you with this question – How can you use these principles in your life now? How can you apply these in your life?

Before you jump right in to a new challenge or goal, take your time. Figure out what you want first, then pursue it. Use the 5 principles as your guide in pursuit of a happy life and great love.

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