Fascination about one’s self for the proper reason is the key to unlocking a life filled with meaning and happiness. Choosing to be fascinated means you are enjoying how you live your life. You are very committed in investing your resources (time, money & energy) to achieve your ambitions. How fascinated are you about yourself?

In this episode, Johnny discusses about the things that a man would find fascinating and interesting about a woman. And how you can bring that certain spark into his life.

In this episode we talk about:

    • What are the things you can contribute in order to have a healthy relationship?
    • How a man can be fascinated by you
    • Be fascinated by yourself first
    • The fascinating story of how Lara enchanted Johnny
    • Just be your true and raw self

What can you bring to the table to make your man interested and more committed to you? You have to know love, compassion, value, and empathy. Invest in those areas so that he’ll know and see that you are worth it! And that’ll bring him closer than any material or earthly things he can get from anywhere.

YOU are interesting just the way you are!

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