Is being in a relationship a burden or a responsibility? Or a little bit of both? Do you ever feel like a burden to your partner? Has your man ever said that he feels like a burden to you? Are you burdened being with each other?

Some people look at being in a relationship as a burden. It shouldn’t be. Before you form the relationship, both of you made a commitment. And from that an expectation is formed that both of you will meet each other’s need, whatever that may be and whenever it’s possible

In this episode, a changed mindset is what the two of you need as Johnny talks about why you should not  think of being in relationship as a burden.

In this episode we talk about:

    • The importance of taking care of yourself
    • Why you should not see relationship as a burden
    • Choosing a guy who shares the same mindset as you
    • Using Love as a fuel to keep moving forward

If he makes you feel like a burden, if he pressures you most of the time, then that’s the sign that you should walk away. Being in a healthy relationship with someone who really wants to be with you is not a burden but it is a responsibility!

Love shouldn’t be a burden. It’s a fuel to keep us going in life’s everyday battles.

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