016: 5 actions you can take to find love in 2019

As 2018 comes to an end, maybe you have started scribbling all the goals, resolutions, bucket lists and your plans for 2019. Maybe you’re planning to have a new hair cut or planning on signing up for that gym membership. If you are going to make your New Year’s resolution, just make sure that at least one or two of them is about finding that great love and having better relationships.

If you are serious in dating and you just want to find and meet that person who’ll make your heart pound like crazy, then tune in on this episode as Johnny enumerates the 5 important actions you can take to find love this coming 2019!

In this episode we talk about:

    • New Year’s Resolution, Goals & Intentions
    • 5 Actions you need to do in order to find love this coming 2019
    • Getting a “Love Mentor” who has a holistic approach in love
    • Taking a few minutes to really internalize and think through who and what your man really is
    • Being mindful of what direction you are heading
    • Commit to being a committed student of love
    • It’s all about progress not perfection

Commit to making 2019 the year that you are going to turn your goals into reality! Make the next year your year as you listen to this podcast and commit to being a committed student of love and live that “Love Warrior” life!


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