They say you can’t have it all. But what does it really mean to have it all? This concept of having it all means different things to different people. It could mean having an exciting career, a loving husband, being rich and famous, and whatnot.

In this episode, Johnny talks about what it really means to have it all and how you can achieve it. When we talk about having it all, on a surface level, people equate it to collecting physical objects or acquiring stuff. But when you look at it deeply, having it all means being in a healthy relationship with a high-quality committed man who loves and adores you and is committed only to you.

In this episode we talk about:

– What “having it all” really means

– Love Warriors take their dreams seriously and so does the people around them

– Surrounding yourself with people who are living the life you want

– How we are given life in order to prosper it

– Being wise in our choices and going for our dreams

Remember, having it all means you can have love, health, financial ease, abundance, and a healthy relationship with a high-quality man who loves, adores, cherishes and respects you with all of his entire being.

Life isn’t perfect and that’s okay! You can still be happy doing the things you love with your soulmate by your side. If you think you are asking for too much, you aren’t. We are all created to prosper and are meant to achieve greater things. Get around people who have it all so that you can see that it is totally possible for you too!

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