Setting boundaries is such a big issue especially when it comes to your family, lover or people who are super close to you. Boundaries are needed in order to have a healthy relationship with anybody. When setting boundaries, make sure it is clear and reasonable.

In this episode, Johnny talks about certain issues regarding boundaries and shares some important lessons related to it. He also shared a story regarding a client and her personal boundary issues and what you can take away from her story.

In this episode we talk about:

– Lessons on boundary

– How everything affects your love life and your love life affects everything

– How to draw boundaries with the people (e.g. parents, siblings, lover) you’re very close with

– Not putting yourself in difficult situations

– Not calling a delusion a boundary

– How to stop expecting others to be someone they are not

Your boundaries should match reality. We have a lot of ideas about what boundary we should apply on other people like our co-workers, friends, neighbors, and people who aren’t really close to us. But when it comes to your family, lover or people who are really close to your heart, it could get a little bit hard.

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