The dating world could get really overwhelming and intimidating for someone who’s not prepared to actually make a decision or doesn’t know if someone is right for them or not.

In this episode, you’ll learn to become your own real soulmate as Johnny talks about where you should be devoting yourself first before entering the dating world. He also talks about what not to do so that dating won’t become an obstacle in finding your love.

In this episode we talk about:

– The importance of having a breakthrough in your life

– Becoming your own soulmate first as the right path to soulmate love

– Being kind to yourself

– How you’re not only leading yourself, but you’re also leading a team

– Looking at how aware are you on where you put your time, money and energy in your past relationships

Becoming your own soulmate comes first before dating. If you want to be in a committed, monogamous, long-term relationship with a healthy quality man, one of the things you can do is reflect on how you got into your past relationships.

And once you have reflected on it, shift and devote more of your resources to the life that you really want. Know and love yourself first, then you’ll be more prepared to face and meet the man of your dreams.

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