You may have that feeling of hopelessness sometimes. You can’t avoid it. If you’re feeling hopeless, you may look for encouragement everywhere, in any form. But what’s actually going on and how can there be a turnaround when you’re feeling hopeless?

In this episode, Johnny talks about feeling hopeless and how to turnaround from that situation. When you’re feeling hopeless, there are 3 things being focused on: the pain, the past & future, and the turnaround.

In this episode we talk about:

– Feeling hopeless

– How your present determines your future and not your past

– Turning your hopeless situation around

– Allow yourself to feel the pain

– The real pain of losing your dreams and desires

– Looking for evidences that helps you achieve and make your dreams possible

– Angelica’s inspiring story of pain, hope and not giving up on the future that she wants

– Not giving up

Cliché as it may sound – Don’t lose hope! Don’t give up! All things are possible if you do the work and put in the action. It’s possible when you do this turnaround and allow yourself to get real about the pain of losing your real dreams and desires, and decide to pick that up again.

Recognize that you’re present determines your future, not your past. Whatever you do today will determine how your future will be.

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