029: How being frazzled, overwhelmed, and stressed affects you

Frazzled, overwhelmed and stressed. These are the three words that best describes the feeling that leaves you no room in your life for love. If you’re frazzled, overwhelmed and stressed, you’re not really ready for a relationship in your life. Even if the most amazing man in the world walked into your life right now, you wouldn’t have any room for him. What can you do to change this?

In this episode, Johnny talks about how being frazzled, overwhelmed and stressed affects you in all aspects of your life. He also talks about how you can reduce these feelings in order for your soulmate to have room in your life.

In this episode we talk about:

– How frazzle, overwhelm and stress is affecting you

– What you can do to reduce the frazzle and stress in your life?

– How a lot of learning becomes more of unlearning

– Connecting more with other women for healing and happiness

– Reducing frazzle, overwhelm and stress in your life

We live in a society where standards are becoming higher and expectations harder to meet. And so we focus very hard on our work. You want to get ahead and get things done but there’s only so much you can do with your physical body.

Reduce frazzle, overwhelm and stress by getting enough sleep when you’re tired. Take a walk or maybe spend some quality time with your girlfriends! Allow your life to get better by reducing your frazzle, overwhelm and stress!

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