030: Mistreatment, Boundaries, and the dreaded call from the ex

We either teach people to treat us with dignity and respect, or we don’t. Nobody deserves mistreatment. But we are partly responsible for the mistreatment that we get at the hands of someone else.

In this episode, Johnny answers the question about why other people treat you the way they do? How can boundaries help? And is it best to just ignore someone who left you for another woman?

In this episode we talk about:

– How to take loving responsibility

– Having a higher level of commitment to loving and valuing yourself and love

– Self-respecting behaviors

– Making clear, non-negotiable boundaries to help you have that space to attract ‘Real Love”

– How to change

You treat yourself the same way you want to be treated by your soulmate. Commit to yourself first and foremost to attract that person who also has the same high level of commitment to loving you and to love itself.

Live your best life now and start seeing the changes in the way people communicate and treat you! All because you are loving yourself and treating yourself better than before.

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