Chemistry is very important to have in any relationship. It is that fun friend you always want to hang out with and go together with on road trips. But is chemistry always a good thing?

In this episode, Johnny talks about chemistry and why it shouldn’t be the main factor in your decision-making process. The reason why a lot of people fail in their relationships is due to the fact that they put way too much focus on chemistry.

In this episode we talk about:

– Why chemistry shouldn’t be your main decision-making framework

– How chemistry can lead you astray and how it has lead you astray in the past

– Examples of things that can help you make better decisions

Don’t make chemistry your main focus in all your relationships. The chemistry and the sparks have to be there but it can’t be the one controlling how you’ll decide things. It can’t be your main decision-making factor.

If chemistry has led you astray more than once in the past, you need to find new decision making structures and frameworks around how you can evaluate a potential partner. You have to see past the chemistry to see that man who values your dreams just as you do.

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