Sometimes we need to experience pain in order to move from where we currently are. Through it, we learn to muster courage and become brave.

What is your biggest pain in life? In this episode, Johnny shares how one of the biggest pain in his life became his biggest propellant to move onto the next chapter of his life.

Look back in your life and see where big pains might have really been propellants.

In this episode we talk about:

– Your biggest pain in life and using them as your propellant to move forward

– How disappointments and devastations don’t define you

Pain is one of the greatest motivators of change in life. Maybe you’re feeling extremely hurt, disappointed or devastated right now. If you’re feeling down, you have to be strong and use your pain as fuel to go for your dreams and desires!

Whatever that pain is, use that as a propellant to achieve something greater. Don’t wait for things to get better, move and make it better.

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