In this episode, Johnny and Lara will be sharing how their client found love and what steps they took in order to get where they are now. They also talk about the importance of becoming your own soulmate first and becoming a student of love by deciding to live a Love Warrior’s life.

In this episode we talk about:

– Becoming your own soulmate first

– Investing time, energy, money and resources into becoming the best version of yourself

– What makes a healthy relationship and how to find it

– Reasons why people are having a hard time following through with their commitment

– Strong and healthy boundaries

– The key principle of becoming a Love Warrior

It’s not easy, but learn to love yourself enough to do the things that allows you to feel good about yourself. Having doubts, fears and worries are normal, but giving up is not. Don’t give up! Giving up is not an option if you’ve decided to become a Love Warrior lady!

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