037: Investing In Yourself Amidst Challenges

If you’ve seen the film Bridesmaids, you can probably see how a woman’s life can be a mess. There’s a lot of truth in the movie and a lot of nonsense too. You may be in a messy situation, but it’s up to you to take hold of the steering wheel of your life and turn things around.

In this episode, Lara shares important life lessons and advice for women facing challenges. She also purges the idea of women having a high-level of perfectionism when it comes to careers, love and relationships.

In this episode we talk about:

– The movie Bridesmaid and how it’s a great example on how you can be a mess

– The important distinction in finding your soulmate

– Women struggling in their careers and having financial difficulties

– Blame and responsibility being two different things

– Taking responsibility for your life and taking responsibility to become the best version of yourself

– The idea of having it all and perfectionism

– Being a committed student of love

It’s not required for you to have everything in place before finding your soulmate love. You don’t need to have a totally perfect career, perfect body and a perfect relationship. You just have to be an open and receptive student of love, constantly growing and learning. You don’t have to be perfect and everything doesn’t have to be perfect.

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