When you talk about love, do you ever pause and think what it’s all about? Who’s being impacted when you love and who would benefit from you becoming happier and a better version of yourself?

In this episode, Johnny talks about getting in touch with what really matters in your life – being present and having a mission that drives you every day.

In this episode we talk about:

– The importance of showing up live and being present

– How there is no substitute for live personal interaction

– Love Breakthrough Online Master Course

If you really want to show up live, I encourage you to be present in your life. Learn to block distractions in this busy and fast-paced world and do something that you’ve never done before. In terms of growth and learning, immerse yourself in a community that not only supports you but also encourages you to grow in life and love!

Join us for the Love Breakthrough Weekend and connect with others here in the Love Breakthrough Community and share your frustrations, fears and what excites you in life.

Men Of Quality Do Exist

You’re single and have been searching for Mr. Right. You’re done experimenting and you’re ready for commitment. But you’re not sure where to start and what proper steps to take.

When you have guide, you’ll be able to navigate the road to Mr. Right better.

Our Men Of Quality Do Exist is an eye-opening, controversial, and totally free documentary video series. We interview real men of quality that we personally know and you’ll get to hear and learn directly from them, what attracts them, what turns them off, and how they think!

Johnny and Lara will also teach you the step-by-step on how you can change your fortunes in love and attract that quality man. It’s only free for a short time.

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