042: Interdependence vs Independence

For women, independence is a hard-fought battle. Being able to do what you want to do is more than liberating. Independent women who are smart and successful in their chosen careers are not uncommon nowadays. But for love and relationship, it’s a different matter.

In this episode, Johnny talks about the difference between interdependence and being independent. Independence is awesome but at the same time, it’s falsy.

In this episode we talk about:

– The difference between interdependence and independence

– Interdependence with a quality healthy partner

Tragedies happen in life, but when you have someone by your side, it’ll make life’s hardship easier to face.

Yes you’re independent and can do it on your own but think again and ask yourself – do you really want to do all the wonderful things in life alone for the rest of your life? Won’t it be better if there’s someone beside you who is willing to share your life’s ups and downs?

You and I are both interdependent with people in our lives. Learn to have a healthy interdependence with a healthy masculine man who’s interested and committed in you only.

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