Aesop once quoted – A doubtful friend is much more worse than a certain enemy. Now what does that have to do in relation to love? In this episode, Lara shares the three steps to see whether your inner circle is helping you or holding you back from finding your love. Are they really your friends? Are they your frenemy or “friend-ectamy”?

In this episode we talk about:

– Uncovering who your frenemies are

– Getting real with yourself

– Committing to your true self

Who you spend your time with matters. If you have negative people around who always discourage you every time you go after your goals then it’s time to meet new bloods! It’s time to meet a new friend who is uplifting, positive and encourages you to chase after what your heart yearns. I encourage you to be true to yourself. Life is short. Be kind. Be real. Be YOU!

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