Every day people look and search for love. Some find it, some don’t. One of the biggest regrets in life for most people doesn’t have anything to do with their careers. But it has something to do with their own love.

In today’s episode, Lara interviews Susan, a Love Warrior who wanted to experience real love and be in a committed relationship. Living with her partner, her soulmate who deeply cherishes and love her just as she loves herself.

In this episode we talk about:

– Susan’s love life before she became a Love Warrior

– What magical and miraculous looked like to Susan

– The blocks that prevented Susan from

– What made her decide to work with Johnny and Lara and enroll in their courses

– Advice for women who wants to get in touch with their higher power and considering to work with together with Johnny and Lara

If you want to experience something different and have that deeper connection in your relationship then you must be willing. Willing to learn. Willing to have patience. Willing to take chances. And most of all willing to love yourself.

Set everything aside and focus on want you really want. If you want to have a love life, go! But first, give yourself that gift. The gift of allowing yourself to really step in into being the person who you truly are.

Remember, there’s always someone out there for everyone. And you deserve to have that as well.

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