You want to meet your man. But are you ready to declare and admit to the whole world, that love matters to you and you need your soulmate? You’re willing to do the work to make that happen but something is preventing you from taking that leap. In today’s episode, Lara interviews Belinda, a Love Warrior who turned her fear into curiosity. Channeling her pain to see the benefits, leading her to her soulmate love.

In this episode we talk about:

– Seeing the benefits through a pain

– Turning fears into curiosity

– The obstacles that almost prevented Belinda from stepping up

– What made Belinda decide to sign up and enroll in our programs

– How Belinda felt after attending the Love Breakthrough Weekend

– Belinda’s course recommendation

It takes two to be in a relationship. A man is a vital part of a woman’s life. In our current society, real love is not given proper attention, it’s just shoved around in the corner. It makes it harder to be authentic in doing what’s really inside your heart. But you can’t always ignore that voice inside of you no matter how faint it is.

I encourage to start walking the path of a student of love. If you’re able to declare that you need love, that you want to be legitly happy, then you’ll be able to bravely declare the other things that you’ve been wanting to.


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