You are out early on your designated meeting place, waiting for your soon to be significant other (if things turn out well). Unfortunately, he’s late for a date you both planned a couple of days ago. You’ve been waiting for more than an hour. You’ve sent him hundreds of text. No reply. You then decided to call him; but still no response. Suddenly you realized, maybe – you’ve been ghosted!

In this Q & A episode, Johnny and Lara will be answering questions about ghosting issues. Have you ever wonder why a guy would ghost you despite showing interest in the first place? What should you do to avoid meeting someone who will ghost you out in the end?

In this episode we talk about:

– Why do guys act interested and ask you out just to turn into a ghost?

– Thinking of yourself as a woman who values time

– Investing resources into your dreams and yourself

– Being picky means having high standards

– What can you learn from the ghosting experience and how can you grow?

– What to do when someone is ghosting you

– What do you need to do to get over ghosting someone or being ghosted?

– Time is not a decision-making tool

Ghosting someone or being ghosted is very common when you’re just dating someone casually. Learn to save your precious time and invest more in yourself to attract the person who also wants to be in the same type of relationship just like you.

For the person who got ghosted – there is no closure or any deep connection from that encounter. When a guy ghost you out, thanked him instead. He has just shown you who he is. And that’s not your soulmate. Your soulmate won’t ever ghost you.


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