056: Julie’s Breakthrough Story

In this episode, Lara interviews Julie as she shares her life-changing experience taking our programs. After working with us, she learned to be more grounded and rebuilt her self-esteem as she learns more about herself and men!

In this episode we talk about:

– The continent analogy in connection to soulmate love journey

– How age is not important in finding true love

– Julie’s breakthrough in life and love

– How quality men are all around. You are just not seeing them

– Single to Soulmate community as a men positive community!

If you’re feeling pain because you think there’s no more chance for your love life to change, let me remind you that you’re not alone. There’s actually a prescription for that! And that’s building a relationship with yourself. Re-frame your thinking and you’ll start to heal! Don’t forget to surround yourself too with people who are present in their love and life!


If you want to take your learning, growth, and breakthroughs to a whole new level, book a call with Johnny and Lara through the Love Breakthrough Sessions. The call is free and it’ll be the best 45-60 minutes or so that you’ve ever invested in your love life. Go to https://johnnyandlara.com/apply, and start today. Make a daily ritual for yourself. Your life will get better, I promise!

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