“All you see is the glory but you don’t know the story.”

Getting into a relationship is easy. But getting into the right one takes a lot of effort. Today, inner joy and fulfillment is very important. You want to be in a true love relationship that values mutual respect. You want to be with someone who has unfading passion and a commitment that’s real and lasting.

In this episode, Johnny talks about why finding love is hard for other people. When you don’t know the story it may look really easy. But everyone went through something to be with their love.

In this episode we talk about:

– Why finding love looks easy for some

– How important healthy relationships are

– The impact of having and not having a model for healthy relationships when growing up

– How single people today are less prepared for commitment and partnership

– The difference between the expectations from before and now

– Why settling will never work

Why do some people find love so easily? There is no definitive answer to that aside from luck, but do you really want that to be your strategy?

Reframe your mindset and shift your energy as well as your focus to allow your soul to be truly fulfilled, and that’ll ultimately lead you to your man.


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