People are obsessed with shortcuts. They want to achieve success over a limited period of time. Achieving your goals quickly is indeed tempting but is that even the right path? Shortcuts aren’t bad, some are just not worth taking. If you did take the short route, you may be forced to attain something that’s opposite of what you desire most.

In this episode, Lara talks about the shortcuts that you’ll regret taking while looking for love. Using shortcuts may not last long and won’t bring satisfaction and fulfillment. No matter how fast we want to achieve our dreams, the fact is, there are no shortcuts in life. Shortcuts are nothing more than detours in disguise.

In this episode we talk about:

– Magic pills and how to stop chasing them

– Not leaving everything to luck and chance

– Finding love as a priority

– Not following the crowd

– Delay and procrastination

– Not settling for “good enough

– Dating and getting serious in your love life

– Trying the easiest route is not always the best

– Seeking meaning over happiness

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