Anybody can achieve what they want as long as they learn the method to attain it, then practice and apply it to themselves. But what if you’ve tried so many many times and to no luck do you see results?

In this episode, Johnny and Lara talks to Venema, a Love Warrior graduate as she shares her learnings from the book “The Talent Code” and how she applied the ideas in it to herself and in finding love. She also tackled the importance of changing your approach to achieve success.

In this episode we talked about:

– What does it take for you to find love?

– The difference between changing yourself and changing your approach.

– Having a teacher or mentor is very important in guiding you to achieve your goals.

– Discipline and mindset shift.


Have you ever wondered why you are not getting the end result that you’ve always wanted? Is your approach working for you?  If not, figure out what’s wrong and start shifting to what is right. The sooner you do, the quicker you’ll be at getting those results!

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