085: Encouragement For Single Women

“If you’re not happy single, you won’t be happy taken. Happiness comes from within, not from men.” — Anonymous


Maybe you’ve felt that pang of jealousy whenever you see a lovey-dovey couple holding hands and adoring each other. You can’t help but ask and think – “how did she find such a loving guy and I can’t?”; It’s hard not to feel lonely and sad.

There’s a reason for every season in your life. Yes, you’re single, but you don’t have to be unhappy. When you’ve found him, you’ll be grateful for everything that you’ve experienced.

Feel empowered in today’s episode as Lara encourages all you single ladies out there to stay on the path and continue loving yourself. Don’t just wait for your soulmate, get up and make it happen! Be the go-getter that your Higher Power ought you to be.


In this episode we talked about:

– Marriage invitations from STS Love Warrior clients

– Staying in the path of becoming a student of love

– Commitment to growth and learning


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