how to trust yourself

Failing at something causes you to lose trust in yourself. When you make mistakes or when someone judges or criticizes you, your confidence falls to its lowest. You want to trust yourself and live your best life but how can you when you’re afraid of making mistakes or concerned with what others think of you?

In this Q & A episode, Lara shares her insights on how you can trust yourself. She provides three steps to free yourself from your doubts and start trusting yourself again. Having that trust in yourself helps you build confidence and do more great things in your life.


In this episode we talked about:

– Let go and forgive

– Taking baby steps towards trusting yourself again

– Raising your Quality Attraction Factor in love

To trust yourself means you’re giving yourself the grace to love yourself and be happy. Believe in yourself and in your abilities and start clearing that space in yourself for your soulmate to come into your life.


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