To date or date only when you connect with someone

It’s quite rare to meet a person whom you instantly click with – same values as you, treats you well and respects you.

The obvious strategy for most people who’re looking for love is to go on as many dates as they can in the hopes of finding that one person whom they feel a strong connection with. But dating too much might hurt your chances of finding “Mr. Right”. 

In this Q&A episode, Lara answers the question on whether you should date more than once or date only when there’s a connection? To address this, Lara shares 3 steps you can follow to begin the process of attracting your soulmate.


In this episode we talked about:

– The old wisdom of widening your net in relation to dating
– Three tips to find your sweetie
– Why dating very little can help you find your man

Whenever somebody offers you something or you’re getting offered a date or you have a choice to make, start to listen to that inner voice inside – that little still small voice within that tells you the right path for you. Listen to it and follow it. So if you’re felling a “hell yes,” go for it. If it’s a “hell no” let it go and then just trust that.


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