First impressions are everything when it comes to dating. When you like someone, you do everything to win them over. For men, they do this by sharing their achievements and talking a lot about what they know. But for some women, this trait makes them uncomfortable because the guy can come out as self-absorbed and narcissistic.

You do like the guy but you’re not used to men who talk so much on dates. What should you do?

In this episode, Johnny explains why men talk a lot on dates and how should you respond to it. He also shares how to discern between a man that wants to win you over versus someone who’s not. A man who talks so much when they’re on a date with you might not be a bad thing.


In this episode we talked about:

– Why do men talk a lot on dates

– Why a man who talks so much when they’re on a date with you might not be a bad thing

– Knowing that you are the prize

– Getting your mind, body, heart, and soul in alignment with soulmate love


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