You are enough, just as you are, and were made to be. You don’t have to be more. 

In this current day and age, we are flooded with messages that we are enough. And so many people feel like they need to be more. They buy more to counter this feeling of not being enough. But we all now that, that won’t really help in getting rid of that not- enoughness feeling.

In this episode, Johnny wants to encourage you to think that you are enough, not because of what you do but because you exist and that you are you. He shares the difference between spending and investing and how to recognize it. He also talks about the importance of investing in yourself to reach your goals and dreams.

So, start reminding yourself today that you are valuable, you are enough!


In this episode we talked about:

– Difference between spending and investing

– Investing in yourself

– Reminding yourself that you are enough


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