Do you ever feel like you’re stuck and not moving forward in your love journey just because nothing is happening? You’ve done all the tips, tricks, and advice from the books you read and podcast you listen to, yet you feel like all those information ain’t enough to get you to where you want, to be with your Mr. Right. 

What if what you need isn’t information but transformation? Information alone isn’t going to magically give you your soulmate, but how you apply it and approach things is also important.

Self-development work is great and you should keep on improving yourself but did you know that it can also block you from soulmate love? Join us in this episode, as Lara talks about how personal growth can sometimes block you from finding your “The One”. Lara also discusses how you can intentionally attract your soulmate and keep them.


In this episode we talked about:

– When personal growth and self-help becomes a block to you finding your Mr. Right

– How to intentionally attract the love of your life and keep them

– Information to transformation

– 3 points about how self-growth can be a block to your soulmate love journey

– What is “spiraling up”?


What you’re going to learn from this podcast is more than just dating tips and tricks. If you’re open to learning and growing, then get on your phone and have a conversation with me and lets talk about how you can take charge of your love life!


Are You Having Trouble Finding TRUE LOVE?

Let’s be honest, finding true love nowadays is hard! And it’s definitely harder when you’re doing it on your own. But when you’re equipped with the right mindset, information, strategy, and EXPERTISE,  it can happen for you! Even faster than you can imagine! 

If you’re interested in finally meeting your true love, head over to to book your appointment and start working with us!

Life is too short to wait for love to happen to you. Don’t wait, act right now and make it happen so that you can start living the life you love with your true love and soulmate!



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