122: The 3 Big Mistakes in Dating

Are you aware that a lot of the dating tips and advice that you’re following or might even be doing right now isn’t actually helping you move forward in your dating life? There’s a multitude of dating tips and advice out there but what is real, what’s working and what’s not? 

In this episode, Johnny talks about the 3 biggest dating mistakes that are messing up your love life and making you unhappy. Knowing this will empower you to take control over your dating life, be more confident, and increase your chances of being with the man you want to spend your future with! 

If you want your love life to really flourish then you better avoid these dating mistakes and start doing it right together with us!

In this episode we talked about:

– The 3 big dating mistakes

– Why you’re mindset is essential in achieving your success in love and life

– Should you really make the first move?

– The importance of having a clear decision-making framework


Are You Having Trouble Finding TRUE LOVE?

Let’s be honest, finding true love nowadays is hard! And it’s definitely harder when you’re doing it on your own. But when you’re equipped with the right mindset, information, strategy, and EXPERTISE,  it can happen for you! Even faster than you can imagine! 

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Life is too short to wait for love to happen to you. Don’t wait, act right now and make it happen so that you can start living the life you love with your true love and soulmate!



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