125: Are you a victim of circumstances or the owner of your dream?

When you look at the situations and circumstances of your life, does that make you shrink back? You want to be in a relationship so badly with the man you love and who loves you but somehow you feel like you can’t achieve it because of your current situation. 

Is your situation and circumstances the determinant of whether you will find love? How can you overcome your situations and rise above the challenges?

In this episode, Johnny talks about how to own your dream and not become a victim of your situations and circumstances. We don’t always have control over everything that happens to us but we can learn how to react and adapt in a different way. We can teach ourselves how to react differently.

Start owning your dream now and don’t allow yourself to be a victim of your own circumstances!

In this episode we talked about:

– Are you a victim of your circumstances or the owner of your dream?

– How to not let yourself be a victim of your circumstances

– What it means to own your dream


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