The Single To Soulmate Podcast

The Single to Soulmate podcast is a Love Warrior Life Production, hosted by Johnny and Dr. Lara Fernandez. It helps conscious single women to attract soulmate love, own their power, and begin to step into the next great chapter of their lives.

If you’re a single woman and wondering why you still haven’t found your Mr. Right (and what to do about it), this podcast is for you!

Learn how to attract the love of your life and the man of your dreams without compromising your growth, and at the same time learn how to love yourself more and enjoy your life in this podcast. Tune in every Tuesday through Saturday to learn from Johnny and Dr. Lara Fernandez, a happily married soulmate couple who, since 2005, have personally worked with thousands of women through their deeply transformational and life-changing courses and programs. Single to Soulmate is where you’ll find the resources to live the life of your dreams with your soulmate by your side.


Show Notes

Released Episode
16  Feb  2019 052: A Love Warrior Story of Susan Download
15  Feb  2019 051: Do you have Frenemies? And what’s love got to do with it? Download
14  Feb  2019 050: Valentine’s Day Special Download
13  Feb  2019 049: The Soulmate Journey Download
12  Feb  2019 048: This a must listen before ever dating again Download
11  Feb  2019 047: Is a man a player because he doesn’t want to marry you? Download
08  Feb  2019 046: All the good men are NOT taken! I can prove it Download
07  Feb  2019 045: Men of Quality Do Exist Download
06  Feb  2019 044: What’s Holding You Back From The Love Of Your Life? Download
05  Feb  2019 043: Are you too overwhelmed for Love? Download
04  Feb  2019 042: Interdependence vs Independence Download
02  Feb  2019 041: Self Care: Why does it feel so hard? Download
01  Feb  2019 040: The #1 Thing I wish I'd known when looking for my soulmate Download
31  Jan  2019 039: Being Present And Making A Difference In Your Life Download
30  Jan  2019 038: Does Having Sex Too Soon Ruin Your Chance for Soulmate Love Download
29  Jan  2019 037: Investing In Yourself Amidst Challenges Download
26  Jan  2019 036: Becoming your own Soulmate and a Love Warrior Download
25  Jan  2019 035: Lowering the Pressure and Noise in your life Download
24  Jan  2019 034: Q&A with Johnny and Lara: Quality Attraction Factor Download
23  Jan  2019 033: Your biggest pain can be your biggest propellant Download
22  Jan  2019 032: Are you single and available? Really? Download
19  Jan  2019 031: Has chemistry taken the wheel Download
18  Jan  2019 030: Mistreatment, Boundaries, and the dreaded call from the ex Download
17  Jan  2019 029: How being frazzled, overwhelmed, and stressed affects you Download
16  Jan  2019 028: Crashes to Breakthroughs Download
15  Jan  2019 027: Hopelessness. A message to a friend Download
12  Jan  2019 026: What it's like to become your own soulmate in the dating world Download
11  Jan  2019 025: Boundary Issues Download
10  Jan  2019 024: Do men REALLY expect a perfect woman? (A Guys POV) Download
09  Jan  2019 023: What it means to have it all and how you can achieve it Download
08  Jan  2019 022: Letting go of the past Download
05  Jan  2019 021: When you become the right person, your dreams will hunt you down Download
04  Jan  2019 020: Say what you mean, mean what you say Download
03  Jan  2019 019: How to change your relationships with men forever Download
02  Jan  2019 018: Should you remain friends with your ex Download
01  Jan  2019 017: New Year Special: Setting Your Intentions Right This Year Download
29  Dec  2018 016: 5 actions you can take to find love in 2019 Download
28  Dec  2018 015: Is being in a relationship a burden, a responsibility, or both? Download
27  Dec  2018 014: Will he find you fascinating? Download
25  Dec  2018 013: Christmas Special: Learning And Growing From Experience Download
22  Dec  2018 012: It's not your imagination, it's rebellion time Download
21  Dec  2018 011: Are You The Role Model You Want To Be? Download
20  Dec  2018 010: The 5 Principles to Getting Anything You Want in Life Download
18  Dec  2018 009: The 3 Things a Man is Looking for in His Dream Woman Download
15  Dec  2018 008: Online Dating Frustrations QA Download
14  Dec  2018 007: How Do You Know If You’re Really Ready for Love Download
13  Dec  2018 006: Why You Both Deserve and Don't Deserve Soulmate Love Download
12  Dec  2018 005: 7 Signs You’ve Met The One for You Download
11  Dec  2018 004: What is Soulmate Love exactly? Download
11  Dec  2018 003: Attracting Emotionally Unavailable Men Download
11  Dec  2018 002: Get Your Mind Right Around Love Download
10  Dec  2018 001: The Love Warrior Manifesto and Encouraging Story of Johnny and Lara Download