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Love 2 be me

Johnny and Lara offer the tools and information that can literally change your life… They changed my life and I am eternally grateful!

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Johnny and Lara are amazing! This podcast has taught me to reframe my mind around love and life and I know it will be helpful to all women!! Give them a listen!

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Love 2 be me

Johnny and Lara rock my world. They have given me the tools and knowledge to create the life of my dreams. I cannot thank them enough!

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Olga Buendia

That was so hopeful! I loved hearing how it all began for you and Johnny. Funny and amazing!! The chiropractic patients started asking more questions about love and forgot about their aches and pains. Ah, I can relate. Funny how hope can change everything! I wasn’t sure what to expect listening because I’ve read so many articles and listened to so many people looking for help. Constantly asking questions why did this happen or why did he do that etc. Questions that thousands of other women appear to ask. I had never heard of becoming your own soulmate FIRST. Loving yourself (I didn’t even know what that meant!) in a way that attracts the one who will love you, treat you with respect, adore you, and most importantly be COMMITTED to me and only ME! I could just cry imagining that day. Thank you Johnny and Lara. I was a stubborn one. I’m finally getting it. XO

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